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About Academic Academic provides libraries with the same vital information used by business professionals around the globe. Top companies rely on us. Our reports help executives, managers, and entrepreneurs drive strategies in both major industries and niche markets. Now librarians, students, faculty, administration, and other library patrons can have access to the same world-class business information. Academic reports offer a balanced quantitative and qualitative analysis of the market rather than shear numbers culled from secondary data. In fact, our reports are the most cited in both trade publications and mainstream press. Our analysts are frequently featured in live interviews and asked to appear as speakers at both national and international conventions.

Unlike many of the reports available from other research sources, Academic reports are more than just secondary “raw data”. Academic reports also provide primary research and expert analysis including:
  • Industry Interviews
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Product Innovations
  • Buyer Behavior
  • Market Share

With our service, students are able to find both current and historical information on many markets and industries—from Consumer Goods and Food and Beverage to Life Sciences and Technology. Academic is a web-based service that allows users to target needed information through sophisticated advanced search capabilities. Our flexible search options meet the needs of beginning, intermediate, and advanced users alike. Campus-wide access is available directly from the student's desktop.



Access—All students have campus-wide access to Academic without password assistance.

Searching & Browsing—To find the perfect report, students can browse through 40 categories, driving them straight to relevant topics. Using either a keyword or advanced search, students are able to locate reports by searching titles, abstracts, tables of contents and the full text of reports.

Content Selection—Our comprehensive research report database puts valuable business information right into students' hands. They'll get market intelligence on consumer demographics, market size and growth trends, industry forces and structure, product trends, competitive environment analysis, and company profiles.

Pricing—Subscriptions are priced on a per FTE (full-time equivalent) basis to accommodate library budgets of all sizes. Consortia discounts are available. Please contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.


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