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Finding Reports   |   Search Tips   |   Boolean Operators   |   Downloading Reports
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Finding Reports

Browse through a category by clicking on a category link straight from the home page or the list on the left. When you find the right report, click on the title to read the complete abstract and table of contents, and download the report.

Search for reports using the Quick Search box on the upper left of every page or run an Advanced Search to limit your results by title, publisher, date or category. Jump to Search Tips for more information and examples of searches.

Search results include reports where your search term(s) are found in the report title, abstract, table of contents, publisher name and/or full text of the report. You may use the column headings to sort your results by date published or title. The results default to relevancy sorting.

Both the search results and category pages list the title, publisher, publication date, and the beginning of the report abstract. For more information about each report, select the report title from the results page.


Search Tips

Search finds reports containing your keywords in the title, abstract, table of contents, publisher name or the full text of the report (when available). Here are some basic search guidelines on how search works:

Phrase searches
Our search engine conducts a term search by default. You must use quotation marks to search for exact phrases.
Example: "hydrogen storage"

* and ? can be used as wildcard tokens. * represents multiple characters and ? a single character.

Example: telecom* will find telecom, telecommunication, telecommuter, etc.

Keep in mind that our search engine will automatically find plurals, alternate endings and synonyms, so wildcard searching may not be necessary.

Priority Grouping with ( )
You can use parenthesis to group words or phrases. Terms in parenthesis will be searched first and then combined with your other terms.

Example: United Kingdom AND (solar power OR solar energy)
Example: United Kingdom & (solar power | solar energy)

Proximity Searching
NEAR() and ONEAR()
The explicit proximity searching operators can be used to restrict the document result set to documents that have terms within a certain distance from each other. For NEAR, the order of the search terms doesn't matter for the matching, only the distance.

Example: near(photovoltaic film n=4) returns documents that have the words photovoltaic and film with no more than 4 words separating the two terms.

Example: near(photovoltaic film panel solar n=10) returns documents that have the words photovoltaic, film, panel and solar with a cumulative separation of no more than 10 words.

ONEAR specifies the exact order for your search terms to match. Any number of terms may be combined with NEAR and ONEAR operators. A default term distance of 4 is used if the distance N= is not specified. The operators are not case-sensitive.

Example: onear(photovoltaic solar panel n=10) returns documents that have the words photovoltaic, solar and panel in the order specified with a cumulative separation of no more than 10 words.

Boolean Searching

AND & ( AND or the Ampersand symbol )
This operator is the default operator if none is given. A document must contain all terms and expressions to be listed in the result set. As this is the default operator, you do not need to write it out explicitly. The three following examples are interpreted in exactly the same way. If you use the AND operator, it must be upper case.

Example: baby food India
Example: baby AND food AND India
Example: baby & food & India

OR | ( OR or the Pipe symbol )
This operator returns all documents that contains at least one of the terms. If you use the OR operator, it must be upper case.

Example: solar energy OR solar power
Example: solar energy | solar power

NOT - ( NOT or the Minus symbol )
Excludes a term from the result. If you use the NOT operator, it must be upper case.

Example: nanotube NOT thermoplastic
Example: nanotube - thermoplastic

Downloading Reports

Click the "Download Report" button to download the report. Please note the estimated download times before downloading.

The majority of reports are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader to be opened. Older MarketLooks reports are in PowerPoint format; if Microsoft PowerPoint is not installed on your computer you can download PowerPoint Viewer.

Reading and Downloading PowerPoint Presentations:

Click the "Download Report" button to download the report.

There are several ways to move through the presentation:

  • Click anywhere on the slide to move to the next page.
  • Click on "Next Page" in the upper right corner to move to the next page.
  • Click on a heading at top to jump to that section.
  • If you encounter difficulties clicking through the presentation, scroll through using the bar on the far right.

To extract text, graphs or charts, follow the instructions in the "Help" section of the presentation. Click on the "Help" icon in the bottom center of the page.

Print one or all of the presentation pages by right-clicking on the screen and selecting "Print", or select "Print" from the "File" drop-down in your browser.

Save to your hard drive by selecting "Save As" in the "File" drop-down of your browser window.

Note: Hyperlinks in all MarketLooks PowerPoint presentations are links to the site, the parent site of Academic.


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