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Packaged Facts has been a leading publisher of market research in the food, beverage, consumer packaged goods and demographic sectors for more than 50 years. With comprehensive, timely, quality research and clear presentation, Packaged Facts is a premier source of market information for top industry decision makers.

Kalorama Information is a leader in worldwide business intelligence and syndicated market research in the life sciences industry. With more than 30 years of providing high-quality research in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics sectors, Kalorama comprehensively researches market sectors and healthcare trends that matter most to emerging and established life science firms.

Freedonia Focus Reports lend themselves to a wide range of objectives, providing researchers with a quick, meaningful understanding of an industry and its dynamics. Reporting falls into 15 industry categories and two major geographic collections, featuring over 600 reports. Topics range from raw materials to finished manufactured products and various consumer goods and services.

Mind Commerce focuses on markets and developments in the telecommunications and information technology sectors, including infrastructure, commerce, content and applications. Mind Commerce has been publishing top-quality quantitative and qualitative information and advising leading companies on these sectors for more than a decade.

Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd is an independent research and consultancy company, focusing on the telecommunications market and its role within the digital economy. Paul Budde Communication specializes in high-level strategic research and provides consultancy services to international agencies, governments and businesses.

Unity Marketing specializes in consumer insights for those targeting the affluent consumer segment. Drawing upon extensive industry experience, Unity Marketing offers research services to help clients identify and maximize their potential success in the collectibles and giftware markets.

Simba Information has been recognized as the leading authority for market intelligence and forecasts in the media and publishing industry since 1989. Serving both traditional and new media organizations, Simba Information provides relevant news, analysis, exclusive statistics and proprietary industry forecasts to more than 15,000 client companies across the globe.

Barnes Reports provides cost-effective and timely studies on the largest manufacturing, retail, wholesale and services industries and consumer buying trends in the United States and the world. Its reports include estimates on industry establishments, sales and employment, sales by product lines for retail industries, cost of materials and capital expenditures, wages and salaries for hundreds of job titles by industry and new ventures and investment opportunities.

Icon Group International, Inc., is a world-renowned research publisher providing specialized industry reports that focus on specific countries and a wide range of global products in an ever-changing world economy.

SBI (Specialist in Business Information) produced concise, comprehensive profiles on a wide range of industrial and consumer markets. However, SBI stopped publishing new reports in 2013. Its existing reports are still available for users with subscription access.


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